Our Business Model & Services

Hadara adopts several business models for developing projects

  1. Developing our own projects
  2. Co-developing projects with partners including governments, investors, funds or land owners whereby profits and risks are shared
  3. Development consulting in which Hadara develops a project on behalf of an investor in return for consulting fees.

The Scope of Hadara Services

Hadara provides diverse turn-key development solutions including

  • Opportunity identification, Conceptual design ideas, Feasibility studies, Financial & cash flow analysis, Arranging project financing (if required), Arranging endbuyer financing, Selection of consultants for project design & supervision, Selection of contractor and other suppliers.
  • Creating sales and marketing plans, Selection and management of top advertising and PR agencies for creating project branding and advertising campaigns, Managing the exclusive sales agents, and Project launching.
  • On-going project management: Sales Management, Marketing activities, Engineering, After sales & Customer service, Administration , Legal, Finance, and Systems. On-time Delivery to property owners.